Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to Yinzlandia!

I'm your host, KittenG.

I'm sure you're wondering "What the heck is Yinzlandia?" Well, it's my little slice of Pittsburgh. I'm not a native, but I've been here long enough to almost feel like a Pittsburgher. March 1st is my 9th anniversary of living here and I still am fascinated by all things Pittsburgh. The food, the scenery, the people. It's still a mystery to me.

By day, I'm simply a medical librarian in a hospital. (Yes, hospitals have libraries and librarians. No, I don't sit around and read all day.) The rest of the time, I wander around trying to figure out the city I call home.

Why "Yinzlandia" tho? Well, Portland is the setting for "Portlandia" and apparently Brooklyn, NY has "Brokelandia" so I thought it would be fun to start referring Pittsburgh to Yinzlandia.

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