Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Joys of Homeownership

By Yinzlandia standards, our house is middle aged (it was built in 1950). There are lots of older houses and lots of newer houses. And with any house, old or new, there's always something going on. Last week, I did something to an outlet in the kitchen when I tried to plug something in and hit the "Test" button accidentally. Hubby said, no big deal, just hit the reset button. Ok, easy right? Ha ha ha! If it were that easy, you wouldn't be reading this.

Yesterday I went to the basement to do laundry and the washer wouldn't turn on. Panic. (Mainly 'cos I only had one more pair of underwear left. The horror! The horror!) Being a somewhat resourseful person, I unplugged the washer and plugged it into another close by outlet. Well I'll be darned! Now it works. I don't touch the circut breakers (fear of getting shocked is a big thing for me) so I trudge upstairs and tell Hubby. Long story short, he spends about an hour turning circut breakers off and on and thinks he found the one that needs replaced. Yay! But to be sure, he wants to swap out a workin one with the one he thinks is non-working. And . . . there's nothing wrong with that circut, apparently. He tells me the bad news: we need to call an electrician. Ugh. But wait! There's more!

One of the circut breakers tripped the house alarm (we've never activated it) in the basement. When he went to the closet to cut a wire to shut it up, he noticed ANOTHER CIRCUT PANEL. This might be the solution to our problem. Except. . . in this closet is where we've been putting all the boxes that should be in the PODS storage thing. That has been in my driveway for almost a month now. Empty. Today's project is emptying that room to get to the circut panel.

Then he goes to work on the kitchen sink 'cos it's clogged. The snake he has won't work (not exactly sure why) when he goes through the top (get your minds out of the gutter!) so he goes under the sink and takes it appart. He still can't find the clog. So now he's peeved and my kitchen is a mess.

Project number two for today is going and getting a different snake for the kitchen and finding a good and affordable plumber. Just in case.

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