Monday, April 22, 2013

Radical Earth Day Thinking

Happy Earth Day! I'm horrible at posting but man, I didn't realize it had been since November.


Zippy the Mini has been in to the dealer for repairs three times in the last three weeks. First time was inspection. Then a brake light was out. This morning the check engine light came on and the parking brake warning light came on. Panic. Fortunately, the dealership is one block over and they could take me this afternoon. Turns out, the transmission fluid plug came loose and fell out. I'm picking it up tomorrow so I can continue enjoying the ginormous Mini Clubman loaner.

While I was at work, and supposed to be thinking of work stuff, I had a rather (radical) idea. Hubby and I still haven't sold our house, but WHEN we do I was contimplating selling my car and just being a one car family. The area of Yinzlandia that I'm looking at for moving is rather close to the hospital. In fact, I usually check Google maps for busing and walk ability from work to the house for sale. I didn't want a loaner car, 'cos I knew I really didn't need it. That's what got me thinking. Hubby works from home so if I can walk/take the bus to work, why do we need two cars?

Right now I can see my mother's head exploding at the thought of only having one car for the two of us.

But I think it's doable. Eventually. First gotta get this house sold.

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